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Do you have trouble understanding a book? Try talking to someone else who has read it? I could be your friend, coach or fellow readers. If you’re confused, you might be able to figure it out by reading my review about the book. If you’re having trouble understanding a book, I am there for you, who has read it. My book review might be able to figure it out by talking about the book.


If you want to get better at reading, you should start by picking better books. It’s harder to make good choices if your house is full of junk, and it’s hard to get good insights from books that haven’t stood the test of time. New books are often full of lies and are quickly forgotten.


It is okay to stop reading a book if it is not a good book. You will never read a great book if you are wasting your time on a bad book.

Surajit Roy

“Pivot” – Book Synopsis!

Unleash Your Potential with 'Pivot'! Discover Secrets to Navigating Change, Embracing Opportunity, and Thriving in Uncertainty. Get Ready to Transform Your Life!

Surajit Roy

“You Are a Badass Every Day” – Book Synopsis!

Unleash Your Inner Badass Daily! Dive into 'You Are a Badass Every Day' for Daily Inspiration, Motivation, and Self-Improvement Tips. Get Ready to Conquer Your Day!

Surajit Roy

“What Color Is Your Parachute?” – Book Synopsis!

Discover Your Career Destiny with 'What Color Is Your Parachute?' Uncover Secrets to Landing Your Dream Job & Thriving in Today's Competitive Market!

Surajit Roy

Cal Newport’s Slow Productivity Book Review!

Unleash the Power of Slow Productivity with Cal Newport's Latest Book! Dive into this game-changing review now to revolutionize your approach to work and life!

Surajit Roy

“Parasol Against the Axe” Book Review!

Discover the mind-bending world of 'Parasol Against the Axe' by Helen Oyeyemi! Dive into a tale of competitive friendship and Prague's mystical influence. Must-read book review!

Surajit Roy

Bloodguard by Cecy Robson Book Review!

Dive into the heart-pounding world of 'Bloodguard' by Cecy Robson! Discover why readers can't put this electrifying book down. Read our captivating review now!

Surajit Roy

Book Review of “A Cursed Son” by Day Leitao!

Dive into the sizzling world of 'A Cursed Son'! Our steamy book review reveals all! 🔥✨

Surajit Roy

Book Review of “This Could Be Us” by Kennedy Ryan!

Uncover the secrets of "This Could Be Us" by Kennedy Ryan! Dive into this captivating book review for insights that will leave you longing for more!

Surajit Roy

Ours: A Novel Book Review!

Dive into the mesmerizing world of 'Ours: A Novel'! Discover why critics rave about this captivating tale of love, freedom, and mystery. Read our glowing book review now!

Surajit Roy

Book Review of Charles Duhigg’s “Supercommunicators”

Unlock the secrets of captivating communication! Dive into Charles Duhigg's 'Supercommunicators' for expert insights and transformative strategies. Read now!