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Book Review : Legendary Self-Discipline

“Choose the Right Path – Unlock Legendary Self-Discipline with Mythology and Modern Heroes!” Surajit Roy Legendary Self-Discipline – Lessons from Mythology and Modern Heroes on Choosing the Right Path Over the Easy Path, written by Peter Hollins, is a book that provides readers with a unique approach to cultivating self-discipline. Through an exploration of ancient …

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Book Review : 80/20 Your Life

“Efficiency is most important because it will help someone progress in their career.” Surajit Roy In the book, 80/20 Your Life!, the author covers several areas of your life where a simple mindset change can produce a significant impact. This change is adopting the Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule. This book is a perfect example …

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Book Review : Why Not Me?

“A broken heart can give you strength.” Surajit Roy Zoya and the author fell in love with each other in their school days. But, their relationship was always one-sided. Zoya never reciprocated the author’s feelings. The author always hoped that someday Zoya would realize her feelings and they would be together. But, that never happened. …

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