The Mystery of the Old Building

How Friends Unraveled an Unfortunate Accident and Cleared Their Names

A group of buddies decided to dash into their businessman employer to discuss a significant project they were all working on, and that is how it all began. The location of the conference was a dilapidated structure in the centre of the city. The group agreed to hold the meeting despite finding the place to be quite deserted and spooky when they arrived.

They had no idea that the historic structure had a troubled past. It was the scene of a horrific crime in a past life. There was a rumour that a business magnate had been slain there some time ago.

They quickly learned that the businessman they were intended to meet was not in his usual location. They discovered a hidden area that was jam-packed with crime scene evidence as they were searching the building. They then understood they were at the wrong time and place.

The group was taken inside for interrogation as soon as the police showed up. They were all accused of killing the businessman, and the evidence supported their guilt. The group needed to find a means to show their innocence quickly because they were now in a desperate predicament.

After a protracted and tense trial, they eventually located a witness who had seen the actual murderer, and the group was cleared of all charges. Although they were able to clear their names, none of them ever learned the identity of the true murderer.

The old structure is still there today as a memorial of the enigmatic crime that took place there so long ago. The group still gets a shiver every time they pass by the structure, as if it still harbours unsolved mysteries from the past.

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