The Night-Owls’ New World

By Surajit Roy

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Surviving the Unexpected in Rural Brazil

There once lived in the Brazilian countryside a group of young adolescents in a small rural village. Together, they had spent their formative years playing in the nearby hills, fields, and forests.

But as they became older, things in their lives started to change. They were all aware that they would soon have to leave their childhood homes and start over in a strange environment.

The teenagers were anxious about their upcoming journey. They imagined the acquaintances, travel destinations, and difficulties they would experience. They were eager to embark on the new adventure and see what the future held, but they were also anticipating it.

The youngsters felt more comfortable because their childhood home had night owls. They were the friends who played music late into the night while chatting about their goals and forming future plans. They were the ones who emphasised to the young people that even though they were leaving their parents, they would always have one another.

The teenagers made the choice to travel with the nocturnal creatures. As they prepared to leave their childhood home, they gathered their possessions.

At their new home, the teenagers immediately started to explore. They rambled through the streets, getting to meet locals. They travelled to new areas and encountered various cultures. They were starting to feel comfortable in the strange place.

The night owls served as a constant reminder of how safe and secure they felt at home. Despite the fact that they were in a strange environment, they felt at home. They carried on talking about their dreams and discussing plans for the future late into the night while playing music.

The adolescents were no longer the larks of their childhood home. They had evolved into the world’s nocturnal creatures. In a strange area, they had made a new home, and now they were prepared to face the future.

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