The Reluctant Farmer

By Surajit Roy

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A Son’s Journey To Fulfill His Mother’s Wish

Once upon a time, a man and his mother lived contentedly in a little village. He and his brother were supported by his mother, who worked hard. His mother had a surprise for him one day. She informed him that they would go to a different hamlet and subsist entirely off the land.

The man first resisted leaving his house. Because he didn’t know what to anticipate, he was afraid of the future. His mother, however, insisted that this was the right choice for the family. She assured him that surviving and thriving would be made possible by living off the land.

So the man grabbed his possessions and went to the next village with his mother. It was a lovely location with verdant green fields and a sky that was perfectly clear. The man was eager to discover his new surroundings.

He learned how to care for the land from his mother. She taught him how to plant food and how to garden. In order for them to have enough food to survive, she also taught him how to hunt and fish.

The man put in a lot of effort, and eventually his mother was happy for him. He gained the ability to support himself independently and without the help of others.

In the village, he also made a few new pals. He gained greater knowledge of the area and their way of life thanks to them. The man soon had a happy life in his new house.

The man thanked his mother for encouraging him to step outside of his comfort zone and for assisting him in beginning a new life. The wisest choice he had ever made, he thought, had been to live off the land.

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