The Rise Of A New Age

By Surajit Roy

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Three Boys’ Journey To Becoming Dinosaurs

It all began on an average day in the quiet village of Applewood. Ryan, Jake, and Matthew, three young boys, were exploring the town when they became aware of something peculiar. They noticed several shady-looking individuals lurking in the shadows.

The lads made the decision to look into it since they were curious. They had no idea that the suspicious individuals were crooks hunting for new victims. The thieves saw the youngsters coming and started to advance in their direction.

The lads sped off and hid in an empty home. They heard the thieves discussing their scheme as they made an effort to flee. It seems that they intended to use the boys in an experiment to create the next generation of dinosaurs.

The lads were afraid and unsure of what to do. The crooks had already turned off the phone lines when they attempted to call the police. The youngsters took matters into their own hands and tried to flee on their own since they had no other option.

They moved toward the town’s outskirts in the hopes of catching a train to safety. However, they had a surprise when they got there. The youngsters couldn’t leave since the crooks had already erected a roadblock.

The youngsters were in a grave situation and had all but given up hope when suddenly they heard a deafening roar. Out of nowhere, a massive T-Rex charged the crooks.

The youngsters seized this chance to flee and started running as quickly as they could. They ultimately arrived to safety and lost track of the robbers.

The lads were so grateful to be alive, but they were still reeling from the whole ordeal. They never anticipated that they would end up the next generation of dinosaurs, the target of a band of criminals.

The lads gained the moniker “Dinosaur Boys of Applewood” after that day. They were the buzz of the town and published a book about their journey. They had a crazy experience, but in the end they were grateful that everything had turned out okay.

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