10 Foods That You Should Not Have Before Sex

Heres A Compilation Of 10 Food Items To Avoid Before Getting Intimate If You Aim To Spruce Up Your Sex Life

Many Adults Have Lactose Intolerance And Should Avoid Cheese To Prevent Stomach Discomfort It Is Advisable To Avoid Pizza Pasta Or Burgers That Contain Large Amounts Of Cheese

Consumption Of Beer Can Cause Uncomfortable Bloating In The Belly And Result In The Awkward Situation Of Passing Gas And Belching It Is Definitely Not A Recommended Beverage To Consume Before Engaging In Sexual Activity

Coffee Another Beverage To Avoid Increases Cortisol Levels Due To Excess Caffeine Consumption High Cortisol Levels Lower Libido And Hinder Relaxation

Despite The Numerous Health Benefits Of Beans Their Consumption Can Lead To Bloating Sluggishness And Increased Flatulence

Onion And Garlic Can Cause Bad Breath And Alter The Odor Of Secretions It Is Advised To Avoid Them

Consuming Energy Drinks That Are Packed With Artificial Sweeteners And High Levels Of Sugar Can Potentially Harm Your Sexual Health In The Future

Consuming Cruciferous Vegetables Such As Cauliflower And Broccoli Before Engaging In Sexual Activity May Lead To The Risk Of Excessive Gas Which Could Be Undesirable

Fruits Are Best Consumed Before Meals Rather Than After As Consuming Fruits After Meals May Lead To Overeating And Result In Discomfort Including Cramping And Gas