10 Most Skilled Hand To Hand Fighters In Anime

10 Most Skilled Hand To Hand Fighters In Anime Listed And Written By An Anonymous Author

Edward Elric Is A Highly Skilled Handtohand Fighter Having Joined The Military At The Age Of 15 Due To His Exceptional Talent

Nagisa Shiota Is A Proficient Assassin Owing To His Proficiency In Both Weapons And Handtohand Combat

Aoi Todo Regarded As One Of The Top Handtohand Fighters In Jujutsu Kaisen Relies Primarily On His Combat Abilities As A Source Of Strength

Jotaro Has Such Immense Physical Strength That He Can Easily Catch And Flatten Bullets Between His Bare Fingers

Benimaru Shinomiya Is A Highly Skilled Martial Artist And A Formidable Fighter His Exceptional Talent In Martial Arts Is Further Enhanced By His Remarkable Fire Resistance

Yujiro Hanma Is A Formidable Individual Who Acts As An Antagonist He Possesses Remarkable Strength As Evidenced By His Ability To Defeat An Elephant Using Only His Bare Hands

Might Guy Possesses Exceptional Martial Arts Skills As He Was Able To Unlock The Eighth Gate Which Is A Highly Arduous Task

Lucci Has Powers That Stem From His Training And Mastery Of Handtohand Combat Which He Utilizes Through A Variety Of Attacks