10 Unknown Facts About Chatgpt

Generative Pretrained Transformer Is What Chatgpt Stands For Which Is An Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Developed By An Organization

The Model Underwent Training On More Than 45 Terabytes Of Textual Data Which Is Similar To Over 60000 Years Of Human Conversation 02

Chatgpt Was Created Using Unsupervised Learning Techniques Making It Agnostic To Any Specific Task Or Dataset

The First Iteration Of Chatgpt Gpt1 Was Launched In 2018 While The Most Recent Version Gpt3 Debuted In 2020

Chatgpt Has The Capability Of Producing Conversational Responses That Closely Resemble Those Of Human Beings Including Imaginary Characters Like Harry Potter And Sherlock Holmes 05

In The Year 2021 A New Version Of Chatbot Called Codex Was Introduced By Openai It Is Intended For Writing Computer Code

The Evolution Of Chatgpt Involves Cooperation Among Academics From Different Global Universities

The Software Possesses The Capability To Produce Text In Various Languages Such As English French German Spanish And Chinese