14 Things You Might Consider Doing Before Breaking Up With Your Partner

Apr 23 2023 14 अपने साथी के साथ संबंध टूटने से पहले आपको यह सोचने के 14 कार्य करने की संभावना है

Estce Que Tu En Es Sûr Assuretoi Que Rompre Est Vraiment Ce Que Tu Veux Prends Le Temps De Réfléchir Sur Ta Relation Et Tes Sentiments Et Ne Sois Pas Impulsif Befunky

Communiquem Vos Inquietuds Comuniquem Obertament Amb El Vostre Parella Sobre Les Vostres Preocupacions I Sentiments Doneulos Una Oportunitat Per Abordar Les Vostres Qüestions I Treballarhi Befunky

بحث عن النصيحة استشر أصدقاء وأفراد العائلة الموثوقين الذين يعرفونك وشريكك جيدًا Befunky

Consider A Counselor Consider Seeking The Help Of A Therapist Or Relationship Counselor To Work Through Any Issues Or Conflicts In The Relationship Befunky

Prendi Responsabilità Prendi Responsabilità Per Le Tue Azioni E Il Tuo Comportamento Nella Relazione È Importante Evitare Di Incolpare Il Tuo Partner Befunky

Establish A Location And Schedule A Specific Time To Discuss Your Thoughts With Your Partner Show Consideration And Empathy While Conveying The News Befunky

Dont Do It Over Text If Possible Try To Avoid Breaking Up With Your Partner In Public Or Over Text Message

Prepare For The Reaction Be Prepared For Your Partners Reaction They May Be Hurt Angry Or Upset And Its Important To Listen And Validate Their Feelings Befunky

Give Space To Process Give Your Partner Space And Time To Process The Breakup Respect Their Need For Distance And Dont Try To Contact Them Excessively Befunky