5 Ab Exercises To Do Without Equipment

आरोग्य हिंदुस्तान टाइम्स द्वारा नेहा यादव द्वारा प्रकाशित फरवरी 17 2023 शीर्षक 3 5 बिना उपकरण के करने वाले एबी व्यायाम


Practice Crunches By Lying Flat On Your Back This Exercise Helps Tone Your Ab Muscles And Strengthens The Core

Assume A Pushup Position With A Straight Back And Hold It For 45 To 60 Seconds To Strengthen Your Abdominal Muscles And Enhance Endurance

Bicycle Crunches

Practice Bicycle Crunches By Lying On Your Back With Your Hands Clasped Behind Your Head This Exercise Helps Stretch Your Core Muscles And Tones Your Upper Body

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Assume A Plank Position And Bring One Knee Toward Your Chest While Keeping Your Back Aligned Alternate This Exercise With Each Leg For 45 To 60 Seconds

Side Plank ফটো শ্রেয়ারকারীঃ Pexels

This Exercise Enhances Muscle Endurance By Solely Relying On One Arm And One Leg To Support The Entire Body Weight Resulting In Strengthened And Toned Torso Muscles

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