5 Ways To Increase Your Appetite

5 Ways To Increase Your Appetite

Eating Small Meals Throughout The Day Can Boost Your Appetite Each Time You Eat Your Body Releases Hungerstimulating Hormones That Make You Feel Hungry Again After A Short Period

Include Nutritious Snacks Like Fresh Fruits Nuts Seeds And Eggs In Your Diet And Consume Them Between Meals This Will Help Satisfy Your Hunger And Boost Your Appetite

Set Reminders

If You Find Yourself Engrossed In Work And Unknowingly Skipping Meals Set Reminders On Your Phone To Ensure You Have A Meal Every Few Hours This Will Help You Keep Track Of Your Food Intake

Consume Healthy Drinks

If You Are Unable To Consume A Small Meal Opt For Healthy Drinks Such As Milk Buttermilk Fresh Juice Etc To Increase Your Appetite And Nutrient Intake

Avoiding Foods That Cause Gas Formation

Avoid Consuming Gasforming Foods Like Beans Lentils Broccoli Cabbage Peas Etc As They Can Make You Feel Fuller Throughout The Day Instead Opt For Green Leafy Vegetables And Fresh Fruits

Exercise Facilitates Efficient Nutrient Absorption And Boosts Metabolism Leading To Improved Digestion It Enhances Appetite And Increases Food Intake