7 Books By Quentin Tarantino That Every Cinephile Should Read

Mar 27 2023 7 पुस्तकें जो प्रत्येक सिनेफ़ाइल को पढ़नी चाहिए जो क्वेंटिन तैरंटिनो द्वारा लिखी गई हैं। देवांशी बत्रा

Quentin Tarantino Known For His Indelible Filmmaking Scripts And Direction Is Also An Author Who Has Penned Several Books Here We List Seven Books By Quentin Tarantino That Every Cinephile Should Read

Cinema Speculation Is The First Nonfiction Book By Quentin Tarantino The Book Covers Key American Films From The 1970S From The Eyes Of Tarantino As A Young Moviegoer Published In 2022 In The Book Tarantino Has Put Forth A Rare Perspective About Cinema In An Entertaining Way

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood By Quentin Tarantino Is A Work Of Fiction Based On His Academy Awardwinning Film Published In 2021 The Book Tells The Story Of Hollywood 1969 Through The Eyes Of Two Characters With Their Own Versions

Pulp Fiction By Quentin Tarantino Published In 1999 Is A Novelization Of Tarantinos Acclaimed 1994 Film Of The Same Name The Film Was Nominated For Seven Oscars And Won The Bafta Award Inspired By The Pulp Magazine Stories Of The 1930S And 1940S The Book Tells Three Interwoven Crime Stories Published By Faber And Faber

Inglourious Basterds A Screenplay

Reservoir Dogs Screenplay

The Hateful Eight