7 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Day To Check In On Your Mental Health

Use 7 Questions To Evaluate Your Mental Health Daily Monitoring Of Mental Health Problems Is Increasingly Crucial As Often We May Not Realize The Need For Care Here Are 7 Inquiries You Should Ask Yourself Each Day However It Is Essential To Always Consult A Medical Professional And Avoid Drawing Conclusions Without A Proper Diagnosis

How Am I Feeling Today Mentally And Physically

What Is Occupying My Thoughts Is It Impacting My Mental Wellbeing Reflect On What Is Occupying Your Mind And Consider If It Is Causing Stress Practice Mindfulness Take Deep Breaths And Assess

Do I Feel Wellrested Lack Of Sleep Can Directly Contribute To Mental Health Issues Or Vice Versa Assess Your Energy Levels And The Quality Of Your Sleep

When Did I Last Eat A Whole Meal Food And Water Are The Absolute Necessities That We Require To Nourish Our Bodies We Neglect Eating When We Are Feeling Low

What Will I Do Today That Will Bring Me Joy Not Some Fancy Plans But The Simple Pleasures Of Life Going For A Walk Playing With Pets Cooking Your Favourite Dish Can Go A Long Way In Helping Our Mental Health

What Am I Looking Forward To In The Next Few Days Again Simple Everyday Things Like Meeting A Friend Spending Time With Family Or Pets Getting Your Hands On That Muchawaited Novel Small Things Can Make Us Happy And Boost Our Mental Health

What Will I Do Today As A Form Of Exercise Be It Yoga Dance Gymming Running Or Simply Taking A Walk Physical Activities Work Wonders For Mental Health Lethargy And Unwillingness To Move Can Point To Depression Of Course Not Always