90S Cartoons

Noddy A Lovable Little Wooden Boy Originated As A Childrens Book Character In 1949 And Has Since Become A Beloved Icon He Has Starred In Numerous Books Tv Series And Merchandise Captivating Young Audiences With His Whimsical Adventures

Scoobydoo A Popular Animated Series Was Introduced In 1969 And Was Created By Joe Ruby And Ken Spears The Show Revolves Around A Gang Of Friends And Their Talking Dog Collectively Known As Mystery Inc As They Unravel Supernatural Mysteries Related To Ghosts Monsters And Criminals

Courage The Cowardly Dog Debuted In 1999 As An Animated Series Featuring The Timid Yet Brave Character Courage As He Protects His Elderly Owners From Supernatural Threats The Show Blends Elements Of Humor Horror And Heartfelt Moments In Its Storytelling

Kiteretsu A Popular Manga And Anime Series Created By Fujiko F Fujio Premiered In 1984 The Show Follows The Adventures Of A Young Inventor Named Kiteretsu And His Friends Highlighting Humor Science And Imagination

An Immensely Popular Manga And Anime Series Called Ninja Hattori Was Introduced In 1981 Created By Fujiko Fujio The Storyline Revolves Around The Comical Attempts Of A Young Ninja Named Hattori To Safeguard His Friend Kenichi From Danger

Pokemon Was First Introduced In 1996 As A Video Game Franchise Created By Satoshi Tajiri And Ken Sugimori And Later Expanded Into An Animated Series Trading Card Game And Merchandise Empire This Popular Brand Follows The Adventures Of Trainers As They Capture And Battle Creatures Known As Pokemon In A World Filled With Adventure And Friendship

Tom And Jerry The Iconic Cat And Mouse Duo Made Their First Appearance In 1940 And Have Been Entertaining Audiences For Decades With Their Timeless Slapstick Comedy And Enduring Rivalry

Powerpuff Girls First Aired In 1998 As An Animated Series Featuring Blossom Bubbles And Buttercup As The Main Characters Being A Team Of Young Superheroes With Exceptional Abilities They Quickly Became A Cultural Phenomenon And Influenced Young Viewers Across The Globe