A love letter to Whiskey Book Review!

About The Author:

Kandi Steiner, a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author and whiskey connoisseur from Tennessee, crafts emotionally charged stories with flawed characters and raw romance. With a background in Creative Writing, she captures the complexities of love in her inspirational reads. When not writing, she indulges in reading, adventures, and pole dancing.

Book Summary

After a year of sobriety, the allure of whiskey returns unexpectedly. Standing at the doorstep, memories flood back, tempting yet bittersweet. It's a dance between old demons and newfound strength, a journey back to the first sip.

Love Triangles Galore:

From high school to college to adulthood, the protagonist, B, finds herself entangled in multiple love triangles, each more complicated than the last.

Heartbreak and Ghosting:

B's journey is fraught with heartbreak, including the loss of her father and her decision to ghost Jamie, leaving readers wondering about her motives.

Cheating and Regret:

B's involvement in various affairs, including cheating on her own boyfriend and being the other woman in multiple relationships, adds layers of complexity to her character.

Missed Opportunities:

Despite numerous chances at reconciliation, B and Jamie's relationship is plagued by missed connections and unanswered calls, leaving readers frustrated with their lack of closure.

Unfulfilled Endings:

The book's conclusion leaves readers hanging, with the absence of a satisfying resolution or closure for the central characters, leaving a sense of disappointment.

Emotional Rollercoaster:

While the book evokes strong emotions, including frustration and disappointment, its inability to provide a fulfilling conclusion may leave readers feeling unfulfilled.

Complicated Characters:

While some characters, like Jenna, stand out as relatable and well-developed, others, including the protagonist B, struggle with likability due to their questionable decisions and actions.

Mixed Feelings:

Despite its flaws, "A Love Letter to Whiskey" succeeds in eliciting emotions from readers, albeit not necessarily positive ones, earning it points for its ability to evoke reactions.

Writing Style:

While the book is well-written, with engaging prose and descriptive storytelling, its content may not resonate with all readers, particularly those seeking closure and resolution.

Final Thoughts:

While "A Love Letter to Whiskey" may not be everyone's cup of tea, its ability to evoke strong emotions and spark discussion earns it some praise, though it falls short of delivering a satisfying conclusion.

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