Amazing Benefits Of Eating Apple Peels

Amazing Benefits Of Eating Apple Peels

High In Fiber

Apple Peels Are Abundant In Fiber Which Supports Bone Health Liver Health And Aids Digestion

Protege Tes Poumons

Helps Maintain A Healthy Heart

Polyphenols In Apple Skin Help Lower Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Levels And Increase Vascular Flexibility For Maintaining A Healthy Heart

Aids In Weight Loss

As Apple Peels Are High In Fiber They Keep You Full For Longer And Prevent Overeating Which In Turn Reduces Calorie Consumption And Aids In Weight Loss

Բոգոթյան Օրարիներով Եւ Միտքերով

Apple Skin Contains Vitamins A C And K Along With Essential Minerals Such As Calcium Phosphorus Potassium Etc