Anita de Monte Laughs Last Book Review!

Book Synopsis

In "Anita de Monte Laughs Last," a forgotten artist's tragic death resurfaces through Raquel's quest for identity amidst privilege and romance, raising poignant questions about memory, power, and love.

About The Author

Xóchitl González, a Brooklyn native, pursued diverse careers before answering the call to writing. A Brown University alumna, she earned her MFA from Iowa Writers' Workshop, receiving prestigious accolades along the way.

Book Highlights


Dynamic Characters:

"Anita de Monte Laughs Last" delves into the lives of Anita and Raquel, two artists navigating love, power, and the elite art world.

Cultural Reimagining:

Inspired by Ana Mendieta's life, Xochitl Gonzalez's novel reimagines Anita's legacy, echoing themes of history, memory, and cultural resistance.

Intersectional Narratives:

Raquel's journey echoes Anita's struggles, exploring themes of race, class, and identity in the art world.

Emotional Intensity:

The novel intricately portrays relationship dynamics and the complexities of power, love, and art.

Reclaiming History:

Gonzalez challenges the narrative surrounding forgotten artists, prompting reflection on who gets remembered in the art world.

Compelling Storytelling:

Raquel's journey through privilege and romance intertwines with Anita's tragic past, captivating readers with its emotional depth.

Exploring Themes:

Themes of cultural shock, economic divides, and domestic abuse are skillfully woven into the narrative, resonating with contemporary issues.

Character Dynamics:

Raquel's experiences mirror Anita's, offering insights into their relationships and the dynamics of power within the art world.

Narrative Complexity:

While some creative choices may raise questions, the novel remains compelling, thought-provoking, and emotionally resonant.

Satisfying Resolution:

The title hints at a hopeful ending, providing reassurance amid the characters' struggles and uncertainties, making for a satisfying and enjoyable journey.

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