Are Flex-Fuel Engines The Answer To Saving On Petrol Bill?

Are Flexfuel Engines A Solution For Reducing Petrol Expenses

The Indian Government Has Been Advocating For The Use Of Flexfuel Vehicles With The Claim That It Can Reduce The Countrys Dependence On Crude Oil Imports

Flexfuel Engines Can Solve The Issues Caused By Changes In Crude Oil Prices Worldwide According To Union Minister Nitin Gadkari

Vehicles Capable Of Running On Multiple Types Of Fuel Or Fuel Blends Are Called Flexfuel Cars

Usually A Mixture Of Gasoline And Either Methanol Or Ethanol Is Employed

The Use Of The Blend Has The Potential To Reduce Indias Dependency On Foreign Countries For Crude Oil Imports

It Is Also Believed That Flexfuel Vehicles Emit Lower Levels Of Pollutants

Flexfuel Vehicles Are Already On Roads In The Us Brazil China And In Some European Countries