Audi Activesphere Concept Vehicle Lands From The Future

Audis Upcoming Concept Crossover Combines The Ruggedness Of A Pickup Truck With Futuristic Design Elements The Vehicle Is Set To Debut In 2023

The Activesphere Concept Vehicle From Audi Combines The Body Styles Of A Coupe Suv And Pickup

The Mammoth Ground Clearance And The Exhibition Of Offroad Tyres Are Prominent Features Of The Showcased Concept Car

The Concept Cars Aerodynamic Profile Is Supported By Massive 22Inch Wheels

There Is A Generous Number Of Led Lighting Surrounding The Audi Activesphere

The Concept Car Does Not Feature B Pillars Instead It Boasts Of Expansive Window Areas That Provide A Panoramic 360Degree View From The Interior

The Activesphere Concept From Audi Is A Fourseater Car Equipped With A Unique Yokeshaped Steering

There Are Individual Infotainment Screens And Mixedreality Headsets

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