Basic Things To Know About Student Loan

Here Are Some Key Facts To Keep In Mind When Considering Student Loans The Information Is Current As Of October 18 2022

Criteria For Eligibility Photo Credit Is Attributed To Unsplash

An Indian Student Meeting The Age Criteria Of 18 To 35 And Having Taken Admission To A Recognized Institution Is Eligible For An Education Loan

Loan Amount

Educational Loans Cover Both Tuition Fees And Living Expenses Such As Hostel Fees Cost Of Books Etc However It Is Important To Plan Wisely And Avoid Borrowing More Than What Is Actually Needed

Consider Having A Repayment Plan For Loans As They May Become Burdensome Later On Additionally Choose Between Longterm Or Shortterm Repayment

Coapplicant Needed Image Credits Unspecified

Many Banks Require A Coapplicant With A Stable Income And Documents Establishing Your Relationship With Them