Best Psychological Thriller Books

Top Psychological Thriller Novels

The Maidens Is A Highwire Gothic Thriller That Introduces Us To Mariana Andros A London Psychotherapist Who Rushes To Be With Her Niece At Cambridge University After A Beloved Classmate Is Murdered

Following A Recent Stay In A Psychiatric Facility A Troubled Journalist Named Camille Preaker Heads Back To Her Missouri Hometown To Look Into A Series Of Brutal Attacks On Young Girls This Investigation Serves As The Backdrop For Sharp Objects By Gillian Flynn

Two Men Meet On A Train Journey In A Tense Debut Novel Our Hero Guy Confides In A Stranger That He Despises His Wife And Is On His Way To Divorce Her Meanwhile Bruno A Dangerous Psychopath Reveals His Desire For His Fathers Demise And Proposes A Plan For The Perfect Murder

My Sister The Serial Killer

Set In A Poverty And Addictionravaged Philadelphia Neighborhood Long Bright River Narrates The Story Of Two Sisters Who Have Grown Estranged Over Time Mickey Who Patrols These Hard Blocks On Her Police Beat And Kacey Who Resides In The Vicinity And Battles With Her Addiction

In A Contemporary Los Angeles Shaken By Protests Following The Police Shooting Of A Black Teenager Two Families Face The Longstanding Crime That Unites Them

Set In 1954 Shutter Island By Dennis Lehane Follows Us Marshal Teddy Daniels As He Investigates Crimes And Conspiracies On The Secluded Shutter Island Which Is Home To The Ashcliffe Hospital For The Criminally Insane This Book Is Considered One Of The Best Psychological Thriller Books