Best Ways To Manifest

Jun 29 2023 सबसे अच्छे तरीके Gunjan Verma को प्रकट करने के लिए

The Pillow Method Write Your Intention On A Scrap Of Paper And Tuck It Under Your Pillow Every Night Read It And Focus On It While You Are Falling Asleep

The 17 Seconds Technique States That When You Focus On A Thought For 17 Seconds You Activate The Vibration Of The Thought And Initiate The Attracting Process

Manifestation Jar

Visualisation Visualisation Helps You To Get Into Vibrational Alignment With Your Desire By Cultivating The Feeling Of Experiencing Your Desire As If It Has Manifested

55X5 Manifestation Write Your Affirmation 55 Times For 5 Days To Manifest Your Desire This Helps You Become A Vibrational Match For What You Want And Attract It Into Your Life