Chatgpt Reaches 100 Million Users In Two Months

Chatgpt Reaches 100 Million Users

In Just Two Months Chatgpt Has Reached 100 Million Users

In November 2022 Openai Launched Chatgpt A Generative Pretrained Transformer Designed As A Chatbot

The Application Is An Ai Language Model That Can Produce Humanlike Text By Utilizing Input Given To It Its Capabilities Include Generating Responses To Inquiries Summarizing Lengthy Texts Crafting Narratives And Performing Other Tasks

According To Analysts At An Investment Bank The Rate Of Growth For This Consumer App Is Unprecedented

Data Suggests That The App Received Approximately 590 Million Visits In January From 100 Million Unique Visitors

Microsoft Teams Has Integrated Openai Technology While Whatsapp Introduced A New Shortcut Feature For Calling