Darren Drozdovs Tragic Death At 54

Darren Drozdov Accident Entertainment Kelly Taylor

There Is Fresh News Circulating Around Regarding Nfl Player Darren Drozdovs Death After His Accident Which Happened More Than Two Decades Ago

After Joining Wwe And Making His Debut In 1998 Drozdov—Or Droz As He Went By To His Fans—Became A Wellknown Name In The World Of Professional Wrestling

Durante Una Grabación De Smackdown Tv En Octubre De 1999 Dorz Sufrió Parálisis

After Sustaining A Serious Neck Injury Due To Dlo Browns Attempted Execution Of A Running Power Bomb Resulting In An Accidental Landing On His Neck

Drozdov Был Доставлен На Скорой Помощи В Больницу Где Ему Провели Операцию Кредит Wwe

Despite Recovering Sensation In His Upper Body He Never Regained Control Of His Lower Body And Spent The Remainder Of His Life In A Wheelchair

Even After Being Paralyzed Drozdov Proceeded To Live Life To The Fullest And People Who Knew Him Commended Him For His Optimistic Outlook

Droz Has Died At The Age Of 54 He Passed Away This Morning From Natural Causes According To The Official Announcement From His Family That Wwe Received