Essential Life Lessons From Your 20S

Sep 21 2021 আপনার ২০এর জীবনের প্রয়োজনীয় জীবন শিক্ষা দেবমিত্রা দাস

Time Is Your Biggest Asset Because You Can Still Fail And Then Succeed When Youre Young You Have The Time To Do That In Your Early 20S But Not In Late 20S

Goals Its Alright If You Havent Accomplished Your Goals Yet Dont Strain Yourself Thinking Youre A Failure

Friendships Some Friends Wont Stay Forever Some Will Even Betray You And You Will Eventually Have To Accept This And Move On

Its Not About You The World Doesnt Care About What You Do People Want To See You Succeed Or Fail Because Everything Is Part Of A Competition Against Each Other

Extremity Whatever You Hear Or See On The Internet Is Mostly Fake Or Is Just Expressed In An Extreme Manner The Real Part Of The World Is Honestly Calm Canva

Little Things Matter A Lot More Than Just One Big Whole Thing The Little Amount Of Effort You Give Into Things Matters Much More Than One Big Gesture

The World Contrary To What You Think Isnt Really As Scary As Everyone Makes It Out To Be You Should Feel Free To Roam About And Do Your Own Thing