Exercises To Strengthen Your Wrists

Exercises For Enhancing Wrist Strength Authored By Atharv Sharma And Stated As Published On February 20 2023 In The Hindustan Times

Wrist Curls

You Have The Option To Do This Strengthening Workout By Clenching Your Fist Or Using A Light Weight Start By Holding The Weight With Your Palms Facing Downwards And Your Wrist Resting On Your Knee

Please Raise Your Hand Gradually And With Attention To Its Height Then Lower It As Much As You Can

Photo Credits For The Ball Squeeze Image Are Attributed To Unsplash

Assume A Comfortable Position And Grasp The Ball With Your Hand Squeezing It As Firmly As Possible Maintain The Pressure For 3 To 5 Seconds Before Gradually Releasing Your Grip

Rubber Band Strengthener