Get Over Your Ex With These Hilarious Breakup Day Memes

अपने मित्रों के साथ या अपनी कहानी पर अपने टॉक्सिक पूर्व प्रेमी को भूलने के लिए इन ब्रेकअप डे मीम्स को साझा करें। चित्र स्रोत इंडिया टीवी

Breakup Day Occurs Exactly One Week After Valentines Day On The Final Day Of Antivalentines Week

‘Antivalentines Week Consists Of Slap Day Kick Day Perfume Day Flirt Day Confession Day Missing Day And Breakup Day Image Source Pinterest

While Valentines Day Is Celebrated Every Year On February 14 Breakup Day Is Observed Annually On February 21

Breakups Serve As A Reminder That Relationships And Love Are Not Always Blissful And Romantic It Occasionally Causes Us Pain As Well

Breakup Day

On Breakup Day Black Heartshaped Balloons Are Inflated In Place Of Red Heartshaped Balloons

Burning Pictures Of Exlovers To End The Relationship Is Another Practice Of Breakup Day

Some People Decide To Embrace Selflove The Quest To Discover Themselves And The Opportunity To Let Go Of Their Exlover During This Time