Heartfelt Anime Films On Netflix For A Comforting Weekend

Heartfelt Anime Films Available On Netflix Perfect For A Comforting Weekend

Returning To His High School For A Reunion Taku Reminisces About His School Days And A Love Triangle Amidst Ocean Waves

An Anime Movie Tells The Story Of A Shy Boy Who Expresses His Emotions Through Haiku And A Cheerful Girl Who Is Also Selfconscious They Spend A Magical Summer Together And Their Words Flow Like Soda Pop

After Rescuing A Goldfish Trapped In A Bottle Sosuke Discovers That The Goldfish Ponyo Has Transformed Into A Young Girl Using Her Fathers Magic And Has Fallen In Love With Him

During 1986 A Young Miner And A Mysterious Girl Embark On A Search For A Lost Island That Is Rumored To Contain Great Treasures In The Castle In The Sky

In Kikis Delivery Service A Young Witch Named Kiki Strives For Independence By Pursuing A Job At A Delivery Service

My Neighbour Totoro Is A 1988 Japanese Animated Film It Tells The Story Of Two Young Sisters Mei And Satsuki Who Move To A New House To Be Close To Their Hospitalized Mother While Adjusting To Their New Surroundings They Encounter A Magical Creature Called Totoro And Quickly Become Friends

A Whisker Away 2020 The Boundary Between Human And Animal Starts To Fade As A Girl Metamorphoses Into A Cat

A Teenage Girl Named Sophie Is Cursed By A Jealous Witch Who Turns Her Into An Old Woman Due To Her Proximity To Howl A Wizard Who Moves Around In A Mobile Castle