Heres Why You Should Not Skip Meals

Heres Why You Should Not Skip Meals

Skipping Meals Does Not Lead To Weight Loss Instead It Can Increase Cravings For Sugary And Fatty Foods Potentially Resulting In Weight Gain

Nutritional Deficiencies

Skipping Meals Has An Impact On Your Body Causing A Decrease In Your Overall Nutrient Intake Which Can Lead To Various Nutritional Deficiencies

Studies Have Shown That Individuals Who Skip Meals Experience The Lowest Levels Of Memory Skills And Highest Levels Of Fatigue

Lowers Your Metabolism

Skipping Meals Regularly Can Lead To Starvation And Decrease Your Overall Metabolism

When You Skip A Meal Your Stomach Produces Acids That Attack The Stomach Lining Leading To Acidity Ulcers And Abdominal Pain

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