How Web Stories Can Help Photographers To Earn Money Online

रीड करने के लिए टैप करें ➤ कैसे वेब कहानियाँ ऑनलाइन पैसे कमाने में फोटोग्राफरों की मदद कर सकती हैं मनाली ओक

As A Photographer You May Have Pages On Wellknown Social Media Platforms Where You Regularly Share Your Work You May Have Also Gained A Substantial Following But It Is Important To Keep In Mind That Your Photos Are Still Limited To That Specific Platform

The Way To Reach A Wider User Base Is To Get Your Work From Social Media Platforms To The Open Web And One Good Way For This Is To Promote Your Photography Using Web Stories

Web Stories Rank In A Dedicated Section On Googles 1St Page Thus They Help Expand Your Reach And Visibility Online Currently Stories In The Travel Niche Are Ranking Those In Other Niches Will Start Ranking Soon

If You Are A Photographer Without An Online Presence It Is Time To Take Your Work Online Specifically In The Format Of Web Stories If You Already Have A Website Consider Adding The Web Stories Feature To Effectively Promote Yourself

Why Do You Ask Clearly The Purpose Is To Leverage The First Page Rankings Of Web Stories As A Typical Website With An Article Format Your Pages May Not Rank Due To Fierce Competition And Saturation In This Field

However As Web Stories Are A Recently Introduced Content Format There Is Currently No Saturation In This Area Therefore Until Competitors Catch Up Early Adopters Of This Format Have A High Possibility To Attain Favorable Rankings And Consequently Expand Their Audience Reach

Furthermore Web Stories Are An Ideal Choice For Showcasing Photographs Due To Their Mobilecentric Format Where Images Occupy The Entire Mobile Screen Resulting In A Captivating And Immersive User Experience

So Compile Your Photographs Into Web Stories And Create Photo Galleries Of Niches You Specialize In For Example If Nature Photography Is Your Niche Put Together The Best Of Your Nature Photos Into Web Stories If You Are An Animal Photographer Create Different Stories For Different Animals You Have Photographed