India Can Become Top Ev Maker, Says Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari Believes That India Has The Potential To Become The Leading Manufacturer Of Electric Vehicles In The World And Is Working Towards Achieving This Goal

Gadkari Believes That The Lithium Reserve Recently Discovered In Jk Will Have A Significant Impact

Lithium Is A Crucial Mineral For The Production Of Electric Vehicle Batteries

A Recently Discovered Lithium Reserve Weighing 59 Million Tonnes Has Been Found In Jammu And Kashmir

This Could Aid In The Decrease Of Indias Yearly Import Of 1200 Tonnes Of Lithium Please Refer To The Product Page For More Information

China Exerts Significant Control Over The Supply Chain Of Lithium On A Global Scale

Indias Enormous Lithium Reserves Will Play A Crucial Role In Achieving Selfreliance From A Current Geopolitical Standpoint

The Best Quality Lithium Required For Making Ev Batteries Is Claimed To Be Found In India

Extracting Lithium From Mines And Preparing It For Ev Batteries Requires Excellent Infrastructure In India