Indian Places Known For Unique Holi Celebrations; Know Why!

These Indian Places Are Famous For Their Celebrations

Vrindavan Vrindavan Is Famous For Its Flowers And Is Perfect For Those Who Like Regular Colors

Those Who Love Loud Celebrations Will Appreciate Agras Endless Glasses Of Thandai

Purulia Is Known As Basanta Utsav Which Means Folk Dances Baul Performances Await You Here

The Village Of Barsana Is Famous For Its Lathmar Holi Festivities Where Local Women Beat Men As A Ritual

The Lesser Known But Interesting Badshah Mela Is The Next Day

The Birthplace Of Lord Krishna Is Believed To Be In Mathura Mathura Which Is 50 Km From Barsana

Punjab Holla Mohalla Is A 3Day Event In Punjab And Is Celebrated A Day After Easter