Ios’Ta Chatgpt Ne Kadar Popüler?

Iosta Chatgpt Ne Kadar Popüler

According To A New Report From A Market Research Agency Named Dataai Chatgpt Has Been Downloaded More Than 500000 Times Within 6 Days Of Its Release On The Apple App Store

An Aipowered Chatbot Using Gpt4 Called Openai Has Become More Popular Than Other Chatbots Like Bing Chat And Thirdparty Applications

Microsoft Has Achieved Its Best 5Day Performance On Bing And Edge Browsers In February Including Android And Ios With 340000 And 335000 Downloads Respectively

500000Den Fazla Indirme Sadece Ios Sistemi Için Geçerlidir

Ayrıca Rapor Sadece Ilk Beş Gün Içinde 480000I Aşan Bir Indirme Olduğunu Ortaya Koymaktadır