Malaria Returns To U.S For First Time In 20 Years

Malaria Returns To Us For First Time In 20 Years Know More About The Disease

According To Reuters There Have Been Five Confirmed Cases Of Locally Acquired Malaria Reported In Florida And Texas This Marks The First Occurrence Of The Potentially Deadly Mosquitoborne Disease Being Contracted Within The United States In 20 Years As Stated By The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention

What Is Malaria According To The World Health Organization Malaria Is A Lifethreatening Disease Spread To Humans By Certain Species Of Mosquitoes It Is Predominantly Found In Tropical Countries Malaria Can Be Prevented And Treated The Infection Is Caused By A Parasite And Is Not Transmitted From Person To Person

How Is Malaria Caused According To Who Malaria Mostly Spreads To People Through The Bites Of Some Infected Female Anopheles Mosquitoes

Symptoms Of Malaria The Most Common Early Symptoms Of Malaria Are Fever Headache And Chills Certain Types Of Malaria Can Lead To Severe Illness And Even Death Infants Children Under 5 Years Pregnant Women Travelers And Individuals With Hivaids Are At A Higher Risk According To The World Health Organization

Severe Malaria Symptoms Extreme Tiredness And Fatigue Impaired Consciousness Multiple Convulsions Difficulty Breathing Dark Or Bloody Urine Jaundice Yellowing Of The Eyes And Skin Abnormal Bleeding

How To Prevent Malaria Malaria Can Be Prevented By Avoiding Mosquito Bites And By Taking Medicines Lower The Risk Of Getting Malaria By Avoiding Mosquito Bites Use Mosquito Nets When Sleeping In Places Where Malaria Is Present Use Mosquito Repellents Containing Deet Ir3535 Or Icaridin After Dusk Use Coils And Vaporizers Wear Protective Clothing Use Window Screens

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