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In "Mindreader" by C. Terry Cline Jr., David Morgan grapples with his extraordinary ability to read minds, torn between being a blessing or a curse, as others seek to exploit his powers.

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About The Author

C. Terry Cline Jr., a prolific author from Birmingham, Alabama, embarked on an eclectic career, crafting suspense novels, a children's play, and the unconventional "The Return of Edgar Cayce," purportedly channeled from the early 20th-century psychic's spirit. Married to author Judith Richards, they resided in Fairhope, Alabama.

Key Learning

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Mind Reading

Explore David Morgan's extraordinary ability to read minds, delving into the complexities of his power and its impact on his life and those around him.

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Internal Turmoil

Witness Morgan's internal struggle as he grapples with the torment of knowing the deepest secrets and thoughts of others.

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Gift or Curse

Question whether Morgan's ability is a blessing or a curse, as he navigates the moral and ethical implications of his power.

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Unearthly Conception

Uncover the mysterious origins of Morgan's powers, stemming from a muddled and incredible tale of his unearthly conception.

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Chosen One

Contemplate whether Morgan could be a chosen one or a new messiah, as hinted by his mother's enigmatic story.

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Psychological Exploration

Dive into the psyche of Randolph Schmidt, the brilliant psychologist who seeks to harness Morgan's powers for his own agenda.

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Ultimate Weapon

Explore Schmidt's vision of Morgan as the nation's ultimate weapon, with implications for future genetic engineering and the course of history.

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Public Revelation

Witness Morgan's journey as he is forced to go public with his strange abilities, grappling with the consequences of revealing his power to the world.

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Control and Manipulation

Delve into the depths of Morgan's power as he discovers that he can not only read minds but also control them, raising questions of manipulation and responsibility.

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Moral Imperative

Follow Morgan's decision to act in the face of global crisis, as he seeks to challenge mankind to save itself from impending doom.

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