Peugeot Inception Concept Previews Future French Ev Design

Peugeot Unveiled Their Latest Concept Car Inception At Ces 2023

Peugeots Inception Concept Provides A Glimpse Into A Hightech Electric Sedan With A Multitude Of Advanced Features

The Exterior And Interior Design Of The Concept Ev Is Stunningly Sharp

The Ev Concept Is Based On The Stellantis Stla Large Platform

This Architecture For An 800 Volt Electric Vehicle Includes A 100 Kwh Battery Pack Boasting A Range Of 800 Km

The Battery Purportedly Has A 150 Km Range Rechargeable In Just Five Minutes

The External Design Displays A Sharply Sculpted Appearance With Sleek Creases And Cuts

Exterior Design Elements Comprise Of Led Lights A Rear Lip Spoiler An Allglass Roof And A Greenhouse Area

Peugeot Aims To Incorporate Most Of The Onboard Technology Concept Into Production By 2025 Despite Initial Skepticism About Its Feasibility