Practical Mind-Reading Book Review!

"Practical Mind-Reading" by William Walker Atkinson explores the art of mind-reading, converted from a physical edition to digital by volunteers. Available for free online, it offers insights into this fascinating practice.

Book Synopsis

About The Author

William Walker Atkinson (1862–1932) was a pioneering figure in the New Thought movement. A prolific author, he wrote over 100 books under various pseudonyms. His works remain influential, promoting mental science, personal magnetism, and practical mental techniques.

Key Learning

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Practical Techniques

Atkinson outlines practical mind-reading techniques, offering step-by-step procedures for honing your senses and developing mind-reading abilities.

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New Thought

Drawing on New Thought principles, Atkinson explores mental magnetism and thought vibration, providing insights into passive influences.

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Mystical Exploration

Delve into the mystical depths of mind reading, as Atkinson leaves the door open for readers to explore its mystical dimensions.

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Charlatan or Mystic

Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, Atkinson offers guidance for honing mind-reading skills and performing public demonstrations.

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Beginner's Guide

Ideal for beginners, the book provides tips and experiments to kickstart your journey into the world of mind reading.

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Practical Experiments

Explore practical experiments that showcase the reality of mind reading, inspiring confidence and curiosity in readers.

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Healing Signals

Discover how mind reading techniques could extend beyond the conscious mind, potentially influencing physical health and healing.

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Step-by-Step Practice

Atkinson provides detailed procedures for practicing mind-reading techniques, empowering readers to develop their abilities with confidence.

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Technical Exposition

Dive into the technical aspects of mind reading, with Atkinson offering insights into Siddhas and their practices.

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Mixed Reviews

While some find the book repetitive or lacking depth, others appreciate its simplicity and value as a beginner's guide to mind reading.

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