Six Must Watch Anime Movies On Netflix

Six Anime Movies That Are A Mustwatch On Netflix

Following The Events Of World War 1 This Film Chronicles The Remarkable Exploits Of A Skilled Aviator Who Is Plagued By A Strange Curse That Transforms Him Into A Pig This Tale Is Known As Porco Rosso

The Movies Of Mobile Suit Gundam Are Set In The Far Future Where Humanity Is At War Making It The Only Trilogy On The List

This Movie Tells The Story Of A Romantic Drama Between A Deaf Girl And Her Former Childhood Bully Who Is Now An Outcast The Movie Titled A Silent Voice Was Released In 2016

Based On The Life Of Aeronautical Engineer Jiro Horikoshi The Wind Rises Is Set During The Second World War

This Critically Acclaimed Movie From 1991 Depicts The Life Of Taeko Okajima A Young Woman Reminiscing About Her Childhood At The Age Of 10 The Title Of The Movie Is Only Yesterday

Set In A Postapocalyptic Earth The Movie Follows NausicaƤ Of The Valley Of The Wind Who Must Protect Her People

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