Taking the Risk Book Review!

Book Synopsis

"Taking the Risk" by Hilary Bradt is a captivating memoir chronicling 50 years of adventurous travel and publishing. From hitchhiking in her youth to co-founding Bradt Guides, Bradt shares humorous, alarming, and inspiring tales of exploration, mishaps, and success.

About The Author

Hilary Bradt, an MBE recipient, transitioned from occupational therapy to pioneering travel writing. With husband George, she co-founded Bradt Travel Guides in 1974, shaping the industry. Winner of IPG/Sunday Times Small Publisher of the Year, her adventurous spirit and dedication transformed travel literature.


Book Highlights

Engaging Memoir:

Hilary Bradt recounts 50 years of travel and publishing, blending humor, insight, and adventure into a captivating narrative.

Trail-Blazing Career:

Co-founder of Bradt Guides, Hilary reflects on pioneering the travel industry and the challenges of starting a successful publishing company.

Hitchhiking Adventures:

From solo trips at age three to hitchhiking through the Middle East in her twenties, Bradt's wanderlust fuels her journey.

Exploration of Uncharted Territory:

Bradt and her husband explore South America and Africa, discovering hidden gems like the ancient trail to Machu Picchu.

Backpacking Guides:

Writing backpacking guides in the 1970s, the pair founds Bradt Guides, a venture that shaped their careers and the travel industry.

Balancing Passion and Career:

Bradt's occupational therapy career ends due to extensive travel, paving the way for her publishing endeavors.

Pre-Internet Adventures:

Relive the challenges of travel before modern conveniences, from border crossings to media gaffes, in Bradt's vivid recollections.

Learning on the Go:

Bradt's lack of experience in publishing becomes an asset, shaping the unconventional beginnings of Bradt Guides.

Transformative Impact:

Through Bradt Guides, Hilary's exploration influences countless travelers, leaving a lasting legacy in the travel community.

A Unique Perspective:

"Taking the Risk" offers a glimpse into the life of a fearless traveler and entrepreneur, sure to inspire and entertain readers of all backgrounds.

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