Tech Companies That Started In A Garage

Tech Startups That Began In Garages

Huge Office Spaces And Wealthy Ceos Are Often Associated With The Tech Conglomerates Of Our Time

What Is Often Overlooked Is That These Companies Were Not Always Large And Their Owners Had To Start From Scratch

Here Are Some Technology Giants That Began Their Businesses In A Garage

Microsoft Was Started By Bill Gates And Paul Allen In Their Small Garage In Albuquerque New Mexico

Amazon Was Founded By Jeff Bezos In 1994 Out Of His Garage In His Hometown Bellevue Washington

Googles Founders Larry Page And Sergey Brin Initially Rented A Friends Garage In September 1998 Which Eventually Became The Birthplace Of The Worlds Most Famous Search Engine

Apple Was Founded By Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak In The Garage Of Jobs Childhood Home In Los Altos