The Broken Pillars of Democracy Book Review!

Book Introduction

Explore the insightful revelations in "The Broken Pillars of Democracy" book review. Delving into journalism's transformation into entertainment and governance issues, it navigates survival challenges and proposes solutions for reconstructing a misguided ecosystem.

About The Author

Nitish Rajput, a bestselling author and prolific video creator, leverages social media to educate, unite, and inspire, amassing a community of over 7 million followers.

Book Highlights


Eye-Opening Exploration:

Nitish Rajput's book delves into the broken democratic system, forcing readers to confront uncomfortable truths about societal regression.

Call to Action:

Rajput aims to raise awareness and ignite discussion, urging readers to take responsibility for effecting meaningful change.

Media Maladies:

The author highlights ethical and moral decay within the media, exposing the manipulation of public opinion and the erosion of trust.

Election Scandals:

Rajput boldly exposes the fraudulent nature of past elections, shedding light on the systemic issues undermining democracy's integrity.

Trust Deficit:

With stark clarity, the book questions why trust in deserving individuals is lacking, challenging readers to reevaluate their perceptions.

Engaging Read:

Despite its sobering content, Rajput's narrative is accessible, compelling readers to confront the urgent need for intervention.

Urgent Plea:

Through poignant storytelling, the book underscores the critical need for swift action to address the country's dire circumstances.

Thought-Provoking Reflection:

Rajput's words evoke a sense of sadness and urgency, prompting readers to reflect on the state of the nation.

Hope for Change:

While the situation may seem dire, Rajput's book serves as a beacon of hope, sparking conversations that could pave the way for transformation.

Responsibility Shared:

The burden of change lies not solely with the author but with every individual who engages with the book, catalyzing collective action for a better future.

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