The Mayor of Maxwell Street Book Review!

Book Introduction

In 1921 Chicago, Nelly Sawyer, a wealthy Black debutante with aspirations beyond society, teams up with speakeasy manager Jay Shorey to expose the underground crime syndicate led by the enigmatic "Mayor of Maxwell Street." Avery Cunningham's debut is a captivating blend of love, danger, and historical intrigue.

About The Author

Avery Cunningham, a Memphis, TN resident, holds a Master of Arts in Writing & Publishing from DePaul University. With over a decade of editorial experience, she crafts historical fiction exploring themes of identity and resilience.

Book Highlights


Stunning Debut:

Avery Cunningham impresses with her first novel, showcasing talent beyond her debut status, leaving readers eager for more.

Emotionally Charged:

The narrative resonates deeply, drawing readers into the emotional journey of protagonist Nelly Sawyer and her quest for identity.

Historically Captivating:

Set against the backdrop of 1920s Chicago, the novel immerses readers in a richly detailed historical setting, adding depth to the story.

Smart Writing:

Cunningham's prose is not just well-written but also intellectually stimulating, offering layers of complexity and thought-provoking themes.

Beautiful Story:

Beyond its literary merits, the novel captivates with its beauty, weaving together themes of love, identity, and societal expectations with grace.

Compelling Opening:

The story begins with a gripping prologue, setting the stage for a tale that combines intrigue, mystery, and historical significance.

Complex Characters:

Protagonist Nelly Sawyer is a multifaceted character, navigating the complexities of race, class, and ambition in 1920s Chicago society.

Realistic Development:

Nelly's character undergoes realistic growth, facing challenges and making decisions that resonate with authenticity and depth.

Vivid Setting:

Chicago in the 1920s comes alive through Cunningham's vivid descriptions, transporting readers to a bygone era filled with glamour and danger.

Unforgettable Experience:

With its blend of engaging storytelling, well-drawn characters, and immersive setting, "The Mayor of Maxwell Street" promises an unforgettable reading experience.

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