The Surprising Salary That Makes Gen Z Happy

The Salary That Brings Happiness To Gen Z May Surprise You

Gobankingrates Surveyed Young Adults From The Gen Z Generation Aged 1824 To Find Out The Minimum Salary They Would Need To Be Satisfied The Results Are Available For Further Exploration

Twenty Percent Of Individuals Feel Content Earning An Annual Salary Ranging From 40000 To 60000

Another One Out Of Every Five Individuals Is Content With Earning Between Sixty To Eighty Thousand Dollars

Approximately 22 Percent Of Individuals Would Experience Happiness If Their Income Falls In The Range Of 80000 To 100000

About Sixteen Percent Of Generation Z Individuals Aspire To Earn An Annual Income Within The Range Of 100000 To 150000

Only 22 Percent Of Individuals Would Be Satisfied With A Salary Of 150000 Or Above

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