The White Tiger Book Review!

Book Introduction

Welcome to the captivating world of "The White Tiger"! In this compelling book introduction and review, we delve into Balram's gripping journey through modern India, exploring themes of social hierarchy, wealth acquisition, and the complexities of human nature.

About The Author

Aravind Adiga, born in 1974 in Madras, now Chennai, India, and raised in Mangalore. Educated at Columbia University and Magdalen College, Oxford. Renowned author, winner of the Man Booker Prize for "The White Tiger".

Book Highlights


Dynamic Narrative:

A fast-paced monologue delivering a rags-to-riches tale set in modern India, reminiscent of Slumdog Millionaire's energy and pace.

Unapologetic Hero:

Protagonist Balram's journey to wealth involves murder, showcasing the stark realities of social hierarchy in India.

Social Commentary:

Explores the vast gap between rich and poor, symbolized by the mere 18-inch distance between driver and employer.

Language Critique:

Some critics question the authenticity of Balram's language, but for many readers, it's a minor issue overshadowed by the gripping narrative.

Device vs. Realism:

Balram's language serves as a narrative device, challenging readers to suspend disbelief, a common practice in storytelling.

Critics' Divide:

While some critics criticize the language's lack of authenticity, others praise the novel's portrayal of social issues and narrative drive.

Engaging Storytelling:

The White Tiger captivates readers with its mordant wit, providing insights into the complexities of modern India through Balram's perspective.


The novel's Booker Prize win adds to its acclaim, cementing its status as a compelling read among literary enthusiasts.

Balanced Critique:

The book strikes a balance between acclaim and criticism, resonating with some while prompting debate among others.

Final Verdict:

Despite differing opinions, The White Tiger remains a noteworthy addition to the literary landscape, offering a provocative exploration of social dynamics in contemporary India.

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