Things We Never Got Over Book Review!

Book Introduction

In the rugged town of Knockemout, Knox, a bearded barber, finds his solitude disrupted by Naomi, a runaway bride with unexpected baggage. As he reluctantly helps her navigate the chaos, Knox discovers that even a solitary life can't escape the complications of love, family, and unexpected connections.

About The Author

Lucy Score, a #1 New York Times bestselling author, is a journalism graduate raised in a literary household. Crafting compelling characters from her Pennsylvania home, she dreams of writing from exotic locales.

Book Introduction


Unexpectedly Enjoyable:

Despite clichés, "The Things We Never Got Over" captivates with its magic blend of characters and plot, leaving a smile on readers' faces.

Instant Connection:

Naomi and Knox's initial encounter sets the stage for a fast-paced, drama-filled narrative that hooks readers from the start.

Naomi's Likability:

Naomi, mistaken for her twin, emerges as a relatable protagonist who takes charge with grace and organization, adding depth to the story.

Knox's Charm:

Grumpy yet golden-hearted Knox charms readers with his relatable persona, proving himself as a reluctant hero and a lovable do-gooder.

Sibling Dynamics:

Knox's relationship with his brother adds layers to the plot, highlighting themes of family loyalty and reconciliation.

Evolution of Relationship:

The evolution of Naomi and Knox's relationship from fake to genuine adds depth, showcasing their growth as individuals and as a couple.

Balanced Couple:

Together, Naomi and Knox form a balanced couple, each complementing the other's strengths and weaknesses.

Colorful Supporting Cast:

Meddling family members, quirky townsfolk, and a stereotypical gay best friend add comedic relief and depth to the storyline.

Well-paced Drama:

Despite its length, the book maintains good pacing, with just enough drama to keep readers engaged without overwhelming them.

Spicy Scenes and Entertainment:

The inclusion of spicy scenes and entertaining plot twists adds excitement, making it a satisfying read, despite some editorial oversights.

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