Tips To Deal With Acidity Post Workout

3 Tips To Deal With Acidity Post Workout

Here Are Some Tips To Deal With Acidity After A Workout

Stay Hydrated

Health Experts Emphasize The Importance Of Consuming Water Before Starting Exercise This Practice Aids In Flushing Out Digestive Acids From The Esophagus

Do Not Eat Before Exercising

Avoid Eating Meals At Least 30 Minutes Before Your Workout To Reduce The Risk Of Heartburn During And After Exercise

Eat Appropriate Food

Avoid Lying Flat

Do Not Lie Down Flat During Or After Exercising While Experiencing Acidity As It Can Worsen The Condition

Avoid Specific Forms Of Exercise

If You Experience Acidity During Your Workout Avoid Weight Training While Lying Down And Refrain From Exercises That Require An Inverted Posture