Top 10 Sex Tourism Countries in the World!


Germany boasts a highly organized sex tourism industry, with legalized prostitution and a long history dating back to 1200 AD. Many engage willingly, facilitated by advertisements and HR companies.

The Netherlands

Amsterdam's De Wallen, the renowned red-light district, is a paradise for sex enthusiasts, where regulated prostitution thrives, attracting international visitors seeking cubicle encounters.


Colombian women are often hailed as the epitome of beauty, fueling the growth of sex tourism. While legal, Colombia strives to regulate and eradicate illegal practices in the industry.


One of Asia's top destinations, known for affordability and its infamous adult entertainment industry. Legal prostitution attracts a large international tourist influx.

Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, legal brothels, marriage parlors, and prostitutes are visible in downtown Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata, reflecting the country's prominence in the export of sex workers.


While renowned for vibrant nightlife, Spain's party destinations like Madrid, Ibiza, and Barcelona are unfortunately associated with sex tourism, boasting Red Light Areas that draw attention.


Despite its illegality, prostitution thrives in Malaysia, notably in urban centers such as Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Ipoh, with a significant portion of sex workers trafficked from neighboring countries.


Kenya, renowned for its stunning wildlife, also harbors a significant sex tourism industry. Surprisingly, it attracts older white women seeking companionship with local men.


With over 800,000 individuals, including men, women, and children, involved in the trade, the country's image as a sex destination stems from its 'girlie' bars dating back to World War II.


Despite prostitution being technically illegal, numerous brothels operate clandestinely in cities, with sex workers engaging in illicit activities despite legal restrictions.

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