Top New Year Resolutions: Top Financial New Year Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep

Top Financial New Year Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep

Save More This Has To Be One Of The Top New Year Resolutions Start By Spending Less During Holiday Shopping And Opening A Savings Account With High Yield Image Source Istock

Create A Budget Calculate How Much You Earn Each Month And How Much You Spend Then Cut Off The Unnecessary Spendings To Save More Money

Pay Off Credit Card Debt If You Are Struggling With This You Are Not Alone Consider Consolidating Your Debt On A Balance Transfer Credit Card

Improving Your Credit Score Should Be A Priority Make It A Point To Pay Your Bills On Time And Turn On Autopay So That You Dont Forget

Start An Emergency Fund This New Year Make Sure That You Start An Emergency Fund Start By Opening A Highyield Savings Account Image Source Istock

Not Open Any More Credit Cards Credit Cards Are Alluring But May Make You Spend More Than What You Can Afford And Put You In A Rabbit Hole Of Debts

Boost Retirement Savings At A Time When Inflation Is High You Should Think About Your Retirement Plan Start By Contributing A Bit More To Your Pf Account

Invest Having Just One Source Of Income May Not Sustain You In The Long Run Instead Do Your Research And Invest In A Good Stock Or Sip Image Source Istock

Eat More Homemade Food