Where Sleeping Girls Lie Book Review!

Book Synopsis

Sade Hussein navigates the mysteries of Alfred Nobel Academy, grappling with her own grief and suspicions surrounding her missing roommate. As she delves deeper, she uncovers dark secrets, testing her friendships and her perception of reality.

About The Author

Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé, New York Times bestselling author of ACE OF SPADES, delves into dark tales between tea sips, exploring Disney Channel originals' hidden depths. A collector of odd mugs, she graduated from a Scottish university. Represented by Zoë Plant.


Book Highlights

Dark academia vibes:

Thrilling YA mystery set in prestigious boarding school.


Roommate vanishes, sparking chilling investigation.

Unholy Trinity:

Popular clique leads newcomer into web of secrets.

Intriguing characters:

Sade, Persephone, and Basil shine in complex narrative.

Queer representation:

Beautifully woven romance amidst suspenseful plot.

Addressing sensitive topics:

Tackles issues of rape culture, misogyny, and discrimination.

Gripping atmosphere:

Tense, grey, and heavy, setting the stage for suspense.

Unexpected twists:

Final chapters deliver whirlwind revelations and jaw-dropping surprises.

Lengthy but engaging:

Compelling read, though some may find it could be trimmed.

Recommended for YA readers:

Compelling exploration of mystery and social issues.

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